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VocoPro DVD-Duet Review

Review of: VocoPro DVD Duet
DVD Duet

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On February 8, 2013
Last modified:June 8, 2013


VocoPro DVD-Duet
No other karaoke system can come close in terms of usability like the VocoPro DVD-Duet. You can choose to play from MP3 compilations, CDG, DVDs with the aid of a video monitor and also decide between videos and photo slideshows. This is a professional quality karaoke machine idea for clubs, schools, churches and bars. A total sound output of 80 Watt with two speakers and a shock resistant DVD drive help you hit the dance floor rocking. The player is rugged enough to be fit into cars, planes, RVs, boats as it features shock proof construction. Not everyone can sing like a pro and its something that the VocoPro DVD-Duet helps out with thanks to its 12 step Digital Key Controller. Change the key in any music such that it suits your voice and tone to give you that professional feeling. Moreover, you can fine tune your tone perfectly to soothe your audience using a 5 band equalizer. This karaoke machine comes with two mics, 2 inputs, volume controls, pre-out jacks, AM/FM tuner and a remote control.

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Our Review:

Before getting into the bulk of the review, I must say that after extensive market research I failed to find another player that could match up to the features and performance of the VocoPro DVD Duet in its limited price range. It has got plenty of frills at a modest price, which gives it a lot of credibility. In fact, the low cost prompted me to purchase this ahead of competing brands such as Sony. I must say, barring a few minor naggings, the karaoke player works like a charm.

Whether I crank up the speakers or keep it low, sound always seems to resonate clearly with distinctive highs but slightly muddled bass. I was initially disheartened by its lack of bass effect but with just two speakers geared mostly towards karaoke singing, I can’t really complain. Moreover, with the ability to play from CDs, DVDs, CDGs and play formats such as MP3, I can now decide to sing along with any track I please. Two mics with their own mic in interfaces give me a chance to participate in duets with friends and family but something that is sorely missed in the VocoPro DVD Duet is an AUX In connection. This means that you cannot connect your iPod to the karaoke machine. Nevertheless, I managed to get around this drawback by using one of the microphone connection ports instead.

Do not get any wrong ideas after looking at the plasterboard back of the VocoPro DVD Duet or its plastic construction because it is made to handle commercial use. In fact, when I purchased this karaoke machine, it was already in use in our local community center for over a year without any issues. Now, my personal experience is that it can go much longer than that provided you take care of it.

List of Features:

  • Four 2 way stereo speakers totaling 80 Watt output.
  • Compatible with VCD, DVD, HDCD, CDG, CD-RW, JPEG and CD-R formats.
  • Complete Karaoke entertainment hub with AM/FM tuner, DVD player and dual cassette player.
  • The Dual Cassette system records, dubs and plays music.
  • 5 band equalizer helps you conform your voice in accordance with your specific tone.

Our Conclusion:

Love singing to tracks like professionals? The VocoPro DVD Duet has got plenty of quality and execution. With 5 band equalizers, tone correction mechanism and the ability to playback from plenty of formats, you will love tinkering with your own compositions and creating amazing karaoke nights at home. This is truly an entertainment hub that not only plays karaoke but also plays cassettes, DVDs, Movies, picture slideshows and even records to cassette.


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  1. Katrina Bennett says:

    Cassettes are obsolete! If you record to cassettes, how are you supposed to use them with other players if you want to go out and sing?

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